• How unique is the technical solution?
  • What are the technology’s advantages in comparison with its analogues?
  • Were the scientific risks eliminated?
  • How is the project’s intellectual property represented?


  • Is the target market big enough? Is it growing? Is there a sufficient volume? How is it related to Russia versus the global market?
  • The project should address a significant problem and present a solution: is it a vitamin or an aspirin?
  • What competitive environment does the project face?

Project team

  • Has the project team ever successfully completed an investment project?
  • Does the project team have all the necessary researchers and experts?
  • What will happen if one of the key initiators leaves the project?


  • Has the company presented a financial plan?
  • Is the proper use of funds provided?
  • Is the requested amount of money justified?
  • What are the terms of investments implementation? How to evaluate the significance of the project outcome?

Exit strategy

  • What are the terms and mechanisms for the investor´s exit from the project?
  • Are there multiple market players eager to participate in the project?
  • What are the best- and worst-case exit scenarios?
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