Investment areas

Space and telecommunications

Terrestrial mainline communications
Mobile communications and data transmission
Space communications
Projects aimed at developing production of the means of communication and telecommunication
Development of industrial space technologies
Development of functional space technologies including software
Projects aimed at creating mission-oriented space systems  

Biomedical technologies

Computer modeling for the pharmaceutical industry
New healthcare methods and technologies for combating pandemics
Novel pharmaceuticals
Drug delivery systems
Personalized medicine
Medical equipment, devices, implants and materials
Medical radiology

Energy efficient technology

Efficiency improvement in the field of renewable energy sources
Energy metering technologies
Materials, engineering solutions and
technologies improving industrial energy efficiency
Materials and technologies reducing energy
loss in heat distribution networks and electric power transmission systems
Materials and technologies optimizing energy consumption by industrial and residential objects

Information and computer technologies

Cloud computing

New methods of information storage,
processing and transfer
Analytics software
Images, video and voice recognition and processing
Mobile applications
Web X.0
IT security

Nuclear technologies

Radiation technologies
Technologies for the development of new properties of materials
Mechanical and instrumentation engineering technologies
Novel microelectronics technologies
Designing and construction of complicated objects
Complex objects modeling and engineering
Nuclear science technologies


About the Fund

VEB Innovations fund was established by Vnesheconombank at the end of 2011 to invest in high technology projects of the Skolkovo Foundation. Key strategic goals the Fund include support of the Russian government´s innovation programs, creation of innovation infrastructure in Russia, facilitation of advanced technologies transfer to Russia, and promotion of Russian innovations on the global market.

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The Fund's agenda

If your project meets global challenges facing the world economy and strives to solve an important problem, and the team is willing to work hard to achieve the objective, we will offer not only financial support, but also the platform of Vnesheconombank and expertise of our investment team for successful development and achievement of your ambitious goals.